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Love as magic.

A great communicator is able to make himself understood regardless of his audience. In this quest, one of his most powerful tools is analogy. Not only does it make him relatable, but it allows his audience to ease into understanding whatever idea he is trying to convey. Among the most complex of ideas to explain is love. Last year, I messaged my girlfriend the following. It is my effort to express my love for her. More generally, it is an engineer's attempt to explain something emotional, slippery, and human. I hope it makes you think, not only about love but about the power of good communication...

I liken magic to a ‘force’ in physics. Neither actually exists. But that doesn't matter. It's all about perception. We perceive forces just like we perceive magic. Forces make calculations in physics more bearable, just like magic makes life more bearable. Most importantly, forces only exist in pairs; you can't touch without being touched. Magic is the same way; it doesn't exist in a vacuum. So, I am only able to bring magic into your days because you do the same for me.

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